Our Pruducts


The diffirence between the multilayer backings and the fleeced backings is that in multilayer backings the felting process is used on the double layer fabric. Multi-layer backings are held stronger by artificial turf when comparing fleeced backings and multi-layer backings. Multilayer backings are used on the places with stronger pressure on it.

  • According to the customers’ demands, we can produce that product with diffirent colour, weight and features.
  • All our products are controlled in quality control process before they are reached to our customers.
  • Weaving frequency that we produce is at the equal standarts of the world. We have the technology to meet the special demands.
  • Our product are produced with the necessary international quality standarts and patent.

Fields of the use of multilayer backings;

  • Football floors
  • Rugby floors
  • American Football floors
  • And FIFA organisations.